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The 2nd International Conference on Rabies in West Africa (RIWA) (Madina, Dec 2017)

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Rabies in West Africa, a forum to coordinate regular meeting among governments and stakeholders in one-health, was inaugurated in December, 2012 to link Anglophone and Francophone West African countries in the surveillance and control of rabies. It aims to disseminate progress reports on rabies surveillance and control activities in West Africa. Its first conference was jointly sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Health, Nigeria and the University of Ibadan Centre for Control and Prevention of Zoonoses. The 2nd conference was held concurrently with the 20th Congress of the Ghana Veterinary Medical Association. The scientific programme included 2 lead papers, 9 symposia and a roundtable discussion. The presented papers which focused on: (i) knowledge, attitude and practices among native community stakeholders; (ii) clinical detection and outbreak investigations; (iii) national laboratory diagnostic activities and vaccination records; (iv) wildlife infection study; and (v) spatial or spatio-temporal distribution of dog bite victims with suspected, probable and confirmed rabies exposures from three countries namely, Ghana (7); Nigeria (4) and Liberia (1). The conference gave consensus report that rabies has remained a neglected disease in West Africa and therefore deserves one-health approach for its control and prevention alongside a stepwise eradication in domestic dogs and humans.

Madina, from 28 Oct 2014 to 31 Oct 2014
Organizers: The Society for Rabies in West Africa
Date published: 11 Dec 2017


Emergence of rabies in West Africa forum

Albert Ogunkoya
PAMJ Conf Proceedings. 05 Dec 2020; 1 (5):1. 10.11604/pamj.cp.2017.5.1.518

The CCPZ rabies surveillance program: an inclusive learning model for addressing one-health educational challenge in West African sub-region

Babasola Olugasa, Ayotunde Fasunla
PAMJ Conf Proceedings. 05 Dec 2020; 1 (5):2. 10.11604/pamj.cp.2017.5.2.520

One-health approach to the control and prevention of rabies in humans and animals: overcoming the barriers

Anthony Osei-Tutu, Dickson Ankugah, Ernest Ameyaw, Mark Tettey, Kwame Sarpong
PAMJ Conf Proceedings. 05 Dec 2020; 1 (5):3. 10.11604/pamj.cp.2017.5.3.523

Case pattern of urban human rabies in Liberia: a descriptive and categorical analysis of age, gender and spatial distribution in Monrovia, Liberia, August - December, 2010

Ayodeji Olarinmoye, Fahnboah Dakinah, Babasola Olugasa
PAMJ Conf Proceedings. 05 Dec 2020; 1 (5):4. 10.11604/pamj.cp.2017.5.4.533

Demography of dog butchers, associated practices and potentials for rabies exposure in Kaduna State, Nigeria

Solomon Audu, Dan Adawa, Albert Ogunkoya
PAMJ Conf Proceedings. 05 Dec 2020; 1 (5):5. 10.11604/pamj.cp.2017.5.5.525

Household exposure and animal-bite surveillance following human rabies detection in Southern Ghana

Kofi Afakye, Ernest Kenu, Kofi Nyarko, Sherry Johnson, Florence Wongnaah, George Bonsu
PAMJ Conf Proceedings. 05 Dec 2020; 1 (5):6. 10.11604/pamj.cp.2017.5.6.526

Outbreak of rabies at Nyive in the Ho Municipality, Volta Region, Ghana, 2013

Esther Amemor, Ruben Nusenu, Christine Adjei, John Tampuori, Atsu Seaker-Kwaku, Christopher Kankpetinge, Ebenezer Afari, Chima Ohuabunwo, Frederick Wurapa, Samuel Sackey
PAMJ Conf Proceedings. 05 Dec 2020; 1 (5):7. 10.11604/pamj.cp.2017.5.7.527

Lagos bat virus infection study

Richard Suu-Ire, Yaa Ntiamoah-Baidu, Andrew Cunningham, James Wood
PAMJ Conf Proceedings. 05 Dec 2020; 1 (5):8. 10.11604/pamj.cp.2017.5.8.530

Can the cycle of rabies transmission be broken with current dog vaccination coverage in the Greater Accra Region, Ghana?

Perdita Lopes, Patricia Akweongo, Ebenezer Afari, Frederick Wurapa, Samuel Sackey
PAMJ Conf Proceedings. 05 Dec 2020; 1 (5):9. 10.11604/pamj.cp.2017.5.9.529

Evaluation of two rapid diagnostic tests for rabies diagnosis under field and laboratory conditions in Nigeria

Philip Mshelbwala, Albert Ogunkoya, Usman Abdullahi, Beatty Maikai
PAMJ Conf Proceedings. 05 Dec 2020; 1 (5):10. 10.11604/pamj.cp.2017.5.10.531

Rabies elimination as a one-health model for the tropics: can this be a solution to the protracted problem in West Africa?

George Beran, Albert Ogunkoya, Benjamin Emikpe, William Tasiame, Nykoi Jomah, Ayotunde Fasunla, Babasola Olugasa
PAMJ Conf Proceedings. 05 Dec 2020; 1 (5):11. 10.11604/pamj.cp.2017.5.11.532