Conference abstract

Demonstration of one-health approach for more effective control of rabies in Suhum Municipal area, Ghana

Pan African Medical Journal - Conference Proceedings. 2019:10(27).10 Dec 2019.
doi: 10.11604/pamj-cp.2019.10.27.835

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Keywords: One Health, awareness promotion, rabies, dog vaccination
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Demonstration of one-health approach for more effective control of rabies in Suhum Municipal area, Ghana

Richard Suu-Ire1,&, Bonondong Guri2, William Adu3, Emmanuel Eshun3, Frederick Ofosu4

1Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission, Accra, Ghana, 2Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Accra, Ghana, 3Veterinary Services Division, Labadi, Accra, Ghana, 4Ghana Health Services, Ghana

&Corresponding author
Richard Suu-Ire, Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission, Accra, Ghana


Introduction: the RIWA Suhum pilot project was initiated in 2017 with the goal of demonstrating the need for a combined stakeholder programme that would prevent human rabies by eliminating rabies at its source, in dogs.

Methods: the project consists of an intersectoral one health action that integrated the expertise and resources from the sectors of Ghana health services, Ghana veterinary services, Ghana education services, Environmental protection, Ministries of Interior and local government for the sensitization and education of residents of the Suhum Municipal area in 2017 on public health challenge of rabies. At commencement and closing of mass campaign, stakeholder meetings were held. During the exercise, rabies awareness promotion exercised embarked upon included epidemiological survey, rabies post-exposure prophylaxis delivery in humans; mass dog vaccination and rabies outbreak investigation.

Results: in all, approximately 100 customised banners on thematic issues about rabies, some 20,000 pieces of rabies factsheet; 750 posters and 250 pen drives containing full educational/instructional materials for teachers on how to teach pupils about rabies were distributed. Rabies flash cards for primary schools were distributed to 100 instructors, along with 1000 school booklets. Some 450 school children participated in a rabies awareness march through Suhum streets, carrying posters and placards on rabies control. A total of 2,687 pets were vaccinated at no cost to the owners.

Conclusion: the Suhum rabies awareness promotion project actualized one health outreach jointly conducted by Ghana Veterinary Services and Ghana Health Services, with increased local community involvement in dog vaccination and management of humans bitten by dogs.