For authors

The PAMJ Conference Proceedings do not accept manuscripts from individual authors. However, conference organizers are expected to clearly inform the authors that their abstracts will be archived on PAMJ CP. The information provides an overview of information critical for prospective PAMJ CP authors

Journal scope

The journal published only abstracts in the field of medical sciences, public health, epidemiology, social science and allied sciences of biomedical domain.

Abstracts handling procedures

  • Abstracts of conferences are send to PAMJ CP by the conference organizers. PAMJ CP editorial office will ensure that the journal requirements around the scope are met
  • Abstracts are then uploaded into the journal platform
  • The accepted abstracts are formatted for publication
  • The conference is published online, and the conference organizers notified

Structure of abstracts

The structure of the abstract will follow the format of the conference (the authors will follow the conference instructions for abstracts). PAMJ CP however recommends the minimum standards below:

  • A title: all abstracts should have a title. The title should preferably follow PAMJ standards
  • Contributing authors names: Should follow PAMJ standards in the order first name, middle name (if any), last name: the order of the author names should reflect their contribution to the contents of the abstract. Each author name should be followed by the number(s) (in superscript) referencing their affiliation in the affiliation list
  • Author affiliations list: should follow PAMJ standards. Starting with a number. Each affiliation number should exist in the author list. The affiliation should be as detailed as possible and can include: The name of the institution, the department inside the institution, the city, the province or state, the country
  • The names and contacts (affiliation and email) of the corresponding author: The corresponding author name should be identified in the author list by the ampersand sign (&)
  • The body of the abstract: will follow the format of the conference. Two types of abstract body are recommended
  • Single paragraph block: in which the abstract is a single paragraph
  • Multiple paragraphs: organized around thematic areas such as introduction, methods, results and conclusion
  • References number and style: Are not allowed
  • Figures or tables: are not allowed

Peer review process

The Journal publishes abstracts from conference that have been peer-reviewed and cleared by the conference scientific committee. The conference organizers will be required to provide proof of peer review of abstracts accepted for the conference and proposed for publication in the conference proceedings. Each of the abstract considered for publication in PAMJ � CP will be internally peer reviewed by only one peer reviewer. The following steps will be followed:

  • Each of the abstract is internally reviewed by a journal scientific editor.
  • The experts validate the scientific contents of the abstracts and ensure they do not violate the journal editorial policies
  • The reviewer will assess the abstract scientific contents, the quality of the English language and it adherence to the journal editorial policy
  • The reviewer will communicate with the conference organizers about abstract rejections.
  • The rejected abstracts will not be included in the published conference proceedings

Conference abstracts processing charges

The journal does not charge articcle processing fees (APF) to authors but charges conference organizers. Check our FAQs page for more on APF for the journal.

Copyright agreement

All abstracts published in PAMJ-CP are Open Accessand distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Frequently Asked Questions

For all additional questions on Pan Conference Proceedings, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.