About us

The PAMJ Conference Proceedings is a publication of the Pan African Medical Journal.

We published abstracts of conferences in the domain of medicine, public health and biomedical sciences.

Some of the distinguishing characteristics of PAMJ-CP:

PAMJ-CP exists in electronic format only (no prints). Abstracts archived in the journal are Open Access and available for free. We believe that conference abstracts play a significant role in the dissemination of scientific knowledge. Empirical observation suggests that very few conference abstracts are published in the scientific literature; abstracts for African conferences are event more unlikely to be available outside of the conference or meeting audience; PAMJ-CP was created to address these gaps.

Our vision

To be the premier avenue for the dissemination of scientific conferences abstracts in Africa.

PAMJ legal status

PAMJ and its subsidiaries are a publication of the PAMJ-Center for Public Health Research and Information, a non-profit organization registered with the Kenyan NGO Board.


  • Kenya: PAMJ Headquarters - Office Unit 18, 3rd floor, Park Suite Building, Parkland Road, Nairobi, PoBox 38583-00100, tel: +254 (0)20-520-4356, Kenya
  • Cameroon: PAMJ Cameroon Office - Techno Park Building, Nouvelle Route Essos, PO BOX: 10020 Yaoundé, tel: +237 (0)24-309-5880, Cameroon
  • Email: sales-service@panafrican-med-journal.com