Intstructions for conference archiving

PAMJ-Conference Proceedings (PAMJ-CP) publishes only abstracts, no full-length manuscripts will be published in the archive.

Irrespective of the conference material considered (poster, oral presentation, symposium etc...) an abstract will be required for publication in PAMJ-Conference Proceedings.

Length of abstracts: All abstracts will be based on the conference requirements, preferably limited to one page (A4 or Letter format) including the title, author names and affiliations and contacts of the corresponding author.

Structure of abstracts

The structure of the abstract will follow the format of the conference. We however recommend the minimum standards below:

  • A title: all abstracts should have a title. The title should preferably follow PAMJ standards
  • Contributing authors names: Should follow PAMJ standards in the order first name, middle name (if any), last name: the order of the author names should reflect their contribution to the contents of the abstract. Each author name should be followed by the number(s) (in superscript) referencing their affiliation in the affiliation list
  • Author affiliations list: should follow PAMJ standards. Starting with a number. Each affiliation number should exist in the author list. The affiliation should be as detailed as possible and can include: The name of the institution, the department inside the institution, the city, the province or state, the country
  • The names and contacts (affiliation and email) of the corresponding author: The corresponding author name should be identified in the author list by the ampersand sign (&)
  • The body of the abstract: will follow the format of the conference. Two types of abstract body are recommended
  • Single paragraph block: in which the abstract is a single paragraph
  • Multiple paragraphs: organized around thematic areas such as introduction, methods, results and conclusion
  • References number and style: Are not allowed
  • Figures or tables: are not allowed.

PDF version of abstracts are not provided available

Conference posters

Only the poster abstract will be published. The posters themselves will not be published.

Processing charges

  • Conferences held in Africa: Free until December 2018 and a minimum of $600 afterward.
  • Conferences outside Africa: $US 4000 (irrespective of the number of abstracts)

Submission of conferences to PAMJ-CP

The PAMJ Conference Management System allows for easy conference management including participants registration, submission and management of abstracts, including management of conference sessions and track. Conferences managed through PAMJ CMS can seamlessly be published on PAMJ-CP. We can still published conferences that were not managed through PAMJ-CMS. Contact for more.

Editorial policies

Any abstract submitted to PAMJ Conference Proceedings must not be under consideration for publication by any other journal. The abstract should not have already been published in any journal or other citable form, with that exception that the journal is willing to consider peer-reviewing manuscripts that are translations of articles originally published in another language. In this case, the consent of the journal in which the article was originally published must be obtained and the fact that the article has already been published must be made clear on submission and stated in the abstract. Authors of abstract published in PAMJ Conference Proceedings retain copyright to their work. Correspondence concerning articles published in PAMJ is encouraged.

Submission of as abstract to PAMJ Conference Proceedings implies that all authors have read and agreed to its content, and that any research that is reported in the manuscript has been performed with the approval of an appropriate ethics committee and reviewed by the scientific committee of the conference. Research carried out on humans must be in compliance with the Helsinki Declaration, and any experimental research on animals must follow internationally recognized guidelines. A statement to this effect must appear in the Methods section of the manuscript, including the name of the body which gave approval, with a reference number where appropriate. Informed consent must also be documented. The editorial office reserves the right to reject an abstract if it appears that the research has not been carried out within an ethical framework, e.g. if the severity of the experimental procedure is not justified by the value of the knowledge gained.

Generic drug names should generally be used. When proprietary brands are used in research, include the brand names in parentheses.

Conference abstracts processing charges

Publishing a conference in PAMJ-CP is currently free for all conferences that have taken place in Africa, irrespective of the number of abstracts. This offer is extended until Dec 2018. For conferences outside Africa, a processing charge of $US 5000 per conference will apply, irrespective of the number of abstracts.

Permanent archiving of content

All articles published in PAMJ will be assigned a DOI. We are is working to expand the archiving options of PAMJ Conference Proceedings.

Record retention policy

PAMJ Conference Proceedings follows the Pan African Medical Journal retention policy

Retraction policy

PAMJ Conference Proceedings follows the Pan African Medical Journal retraction policy

Correction policy

PAMJ Conference Proceedings follows the Pan African Medical Journal correction policy