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Primary hydatid cyst of the thigh: an unusual location

Pan African Medical Journal - Conference Proceedings. 2017:4(170).06 Dec 2017.
doi: 10.11604/pamj-cp.2017.4.170.438

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Keywords: Hydatid cyst, thigh, soft tissue

Primary hydatid cyst of the thigh: an unusual location

Safa Trabelsi1,&, Nesrine Belgacem1, Hassène Baïli1, Najla Lassoued1, Maher Béji1, Salem Bouomrani1

1Department of Internal Medicine, Military Hospital, Gabès, Tunisia

&Corresponding author
Safa Trabelsi, Department of Internal Medicine, Military Hospital, Gabès, Tunisia


Introduction: the primary location of subcutaneous hydatid cyst (HC) is exceptional, even in endemic countries like ours and diagnosis is often a challenge for the clinician because it can mimic a soft tissue cancer. We report the case of a subcutaneous HC in the thigh developed depending on the gracilis muscle; an exceptional location which was only reported twice before.

Methods: 34 years old patient, without notable pathological antecedents, has consulted for a smooth tumefaction of the left thigh with spontaneous appearance and progressive evolution for six months. The biological tests were within the limits of the normal. Radiological findings (standard X-ray, ultrasonography, CT-scans, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)) were suggestive of hydatid cyst. Hydatid serology was negative. Radical surgery was done under coverage of antihelminthic drug.

Results: the anatomopathologic examination confirmed the diagnosis of a muscular echinococcosis. No other localization was detected (lung, liver, heart, and peritoneum). The suites were simple without locoregional recurrence after eight years.

Conclusion: the diagnosis of HC should always be considered in any soft tissue swelling in endemic areas for this infection and new radiological investigations, particularly MRI are useful for diagnosis especially as serology is often negative.