For conference organizers

At the PAMJ, we think it that material presented at conference have the potential to generate durable research interest. Not all people have the opportunity, times, or means to attend conference but will benefit from work presented at the conference. It is a scientific misconduct not to preserve the knowledge shared between researchers at international conferences.

If you want the product of your conference to survive past the plenary or the poster session, contact us and we will be happy to preserve and help disseminate the abstracts of your conference. By doing so, we will help expand the reach of your conference and the collaboration opportunities beyond the few days of the meeting.

PAMJ-CP works better with PAMJ Scientific Conferences Management System (PAMJ-CMS). Conference organizers can use the PAMJ Scientific Conference to manage the entire workflow of their conference, from participants registration, to abstracts submission, sessions management, badge printing, generation of the conference program and the abstracts book and more. The abstracts submitted through the PAMJ-CMS will seamlessly be published and archived in PAM- CP.

Check our frequently asked questions page for more on how much it costs to archive the abstracts of your conference to PAMJ-CP

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