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Measles outbreak investigation in Karaye, Kano State, Nigeria, March 2013

Pan African Medical Journal - Conference Proceedings. 2018:8(41).01 Apr 2018.
doi: 10.11604/pamj-cp.2018.8.41.623
Archived on: 01 Apr 2018
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Keywords: Measles, outbreak, Karaye, investigation, Nigeria
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Measles outbreak investigation in Karaye, Kano State, Nigeria, March 2013

Basheer Lawan Muhammad1,2,&, Hussaini Bala1, Musa Bawa1, Patrick Nguku1, Kabir Sabitu3

1Nigeria Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Programme, Abuja, Nigeria, 2State Malaria Elimination Program, Public Health & Disease Control Department, Ministry of Health, Kano, Nigeria, 3Department of Community Medicine, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria

&Corresponding author
Basheer Lawan Muhammad, Nigeria Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Programme, Abuja, Nigeria


Introduction: measles remains a major public health importance disease with high morbidity and mortality (158,000 deaths globally, 2011) among young children, despite the availability of safe and cost-effective vaccine. In Nigeria, where Measles is endemic, a large nationwide Measles outbreak occurred in 2013, with almost 29,000 recorded cases concentrated in the northwest (Kano State inclusive). On 6th February 2013; the Nigeria FELTP received a report of Measles outbreak in Karaye Local Government Area (LGA) Kano State. We investigated to verify the existence of the outbreak, characterize it and institute public health action.

Methods: we conducted a descriptive study and carried out records review from six health facilities. Active case search was also conducted during reactive-vaccination in the community and all cases meeting the case definition were line-listed. A case was defined as any resident of Kurungu, Unguwar-Tofa, Magajin-gari, Kwanyawa, Kafin-Dabga and Usama wards with fever, maculo-papular rash and any of cough, coryza or conjunctivitis from 1st January to 28th March, 2013. We collected 8 blood specimens for Measles IgM testing.

Results: total of 132 cases was included for data analysis. Of the 132 cases, 79 (59.8%) were males; the age ranges from 0.7 - 11 years. The attack rate was highest among children 2-3 years (0.04%) and lowest in age group 8-9 years (0.0007%). The first occurred on January 1st, 2013; while the highest peak was on 11th February 2013. Most cases came from Kurungu Ward. Five of the eight (62.5%) samples tested positive Measles IgM.

Conclusion: an outbreak of Measles occurred in Karaye LGA. Children aged 2-3 years were mostly affected. Massive vaccination campaign was conducted in the LGA.